CODE: EU220520, Turkey
Hobby, Specialty
I enjoy leathercrafting and ceramics; as well as painting.
All of these hobbies provide me with the very precious feeling
of producing and creating; hence why I love them.
Instruction style
I do tend to use a methodology mostly based on tasks and communication
filled with feedbacks.(both implicit and explicit)
So far I have been reputed by my students to be holding very interesting
and enjoyable classes.
I hope to be working with CENA English.
It seems to be important for me that I have such an opportunity not missed;
therefore I am applying to be an English Teacher at CENA.

CODE: EU026, Serbia
Ever since I was a child, I have had a deep love for learning and helping others
to learn, especially kids.
I've been teaching English online for the past six years now.
My goal is to develop the critical thinking of young learners, related to that,
I completed the 40-hour TEYL Certificate Course (Teaching English to Young Learners)
awarded with grade B.

CODE: EU221015, Bulgaria
Hobby, Specialty
English Philology BA, 120-hour TEFL
Instruction style
I have been studying English for more than 20 years.
First, I have an English Philology Bachelor’s degree, an international English
teaching certificate obtained in university, and a 120-Hour TEFL Certificate
As for my job experience, I used to work as an intern for six month
in a secondary school for six months in Jan. 2014 during my university studies.
Next, I started a job at Native Camp in Feb. 2018, an online English teaching school.
I used to work there as both full-time and part-time worker.
I provided English-teaching services to either adults or kids and am familiar
with various textbooks and teaching methods.
In Feb. 2022 I also got a TEFL from Teacher Record which expanded
my teaching knowledge.
In my spare time I like to go out for a walk, listen to music, or watch movies.
Also I like laughing, meeting positive people, and creating unforgettable memories.
 I am a bright and energetic tutor who can teach students of all ages, genders,
and nationalities.
My teaching style is easy to understand for I always listen to student’s opinion
or questions, and conduct the lessons in a simple, easy and fun way.
I used to work as an online English tutor at Native Camp from Feb.2018 till Sep.2022
both full time and part time. Before that,
I used to work as an intern for six month in a secondary school for six months
in Jan.2014. In Feb.2022 I got a TEFL. Please consider my application,
thank you!

CODE: EU025, Russia/Vietnam
My name is Sofia and I’m an ESL teacher with over 3 years of experience,
teaching kids different ages.
I believe my education and work experience have taught me a lot about
how to manage and teach young students.
I am a strong believer that kids do best in a caring and encouraging environment
and they respond better to positive reinforcement.
My previous experience teaching in kindergartens taught me the importance of
being patient and enthusiastic working with kids.
So I hope you find me suitable for the position!

CODE: EU220321, Syrian
Check out my intro video.

CODE: EU005, Ukraine
Hobby, Specialty
I am a TESOL certified instructor and also a specialized tutor who is preparing
students to pass IELTS exam.
And I have been teaching English for over 5 years now.
I have taught students of all levels starting from zero beginners to advanced
students that are almost fluent.
I have worked in academies in Europe and Asia and have completed over
6 thousands classes online.
My first deep insight about English education I gained while studying at summer
schools in London, Brighton and Toronto.
Besides, I’ve graduated from 2 universities where I obtained my Bachelor and
Master degree of Law and Master degree of International Business.
That’s why I possess some expert knowledge and provide students with valuable
advices on how to develop their Business and Legal English.
When I have spare time, I devote it to creating music.
Singing is my great passion.
Also I can’t imagine my life without travelling and exploring new cultures.
I’ve visited about 25 countries so far and I speak 4 languages.
Instruction style
I follow the hybrid stye while teaching.
My teaching style is really flexible and adaptable to student's needs.
I believe that there should be a unique and personalized approach to every student.
I always try my best to connect student’s interests and hobbies with learning English.
I want all of my students to achieve great heights in learning English
while enjoying the process itself.
I would be really grateful if you can consider my application as I possess all
the important qualities that a top-notch tutor should have such as patience,
great communication skills, flexibility, leadership, active listening and empathy.
I am not a native speaker but I speak fluent English, using this language
for my everyday life communication.

CODE: EU220325, Iran/USA
Hobby, Specialty
Hello! My name is Majid.
I am a Cambridge certified English teacher and teacher trainer
(CELTA tutor) and my job for the past 4 years has been training teachers
how to teach online.
Teaching English is both a hobby and specialty for me.
I have taught English in a variety of contexts including
General/Business English and Exam preparation courses, e.g. IELTS, TOEFL.
Instruction style
As a teacher trainer, I train teachers teachers to adopt a communicative
approach to teaching English and I myself follow the same approach.
Communicative approach is teaching language "in contex" and maximizing
the students chances to practice speaking and listening.
You will also learn the Grammar/Vocabulary through communicative tasks,
reading authentic materials, listening to natural conversations, etc.
I have had the chance to meet and work with Japanese students and teachers
on a few courses online, which I enjoyed a lot.
I would love to meet more Japanese student and get to know to the Japanese
culture more. Previously, I have taught in Turkey, Iran, Japan and China.

CODE: EU220324, Albania
Hobby, Specialty
As for my Hobbies i like so much to Travel.
I love Airplane and driving.
I have been to 20 countries of Europe and 7 States in the US.
I like music so much also and drinking coffee.
On my free time i do one of this always!
Instruction style
My Educational background is about Language
(English 1-st and Italian 2-nd)
Also i have studied for piano for 3 years in a half
when i was little kid, so i can play some easy songs yet on the piano.
As for another professional major, it is Graphic Design and Photography.
I know well to use PC and Adobe Suite Collection Design Package.
I have been speaking and teaching English since 2012,
just right after finishing my school,
i also have been participating in many meetings and audio-video recordings
in English for different ages.
As about my ESL career,
i started that also together with my next job since 2016 until now..
I have been teaching kids from 3 or 4 years old, to 10-15.
Also many interactive classes with audio and video,
doing dramatizations and playing role-play games.
I am looking forward to continue my Online English Experience
and to be as much profession as possible to the future.

CODE: EU220524, Serbia
Hobby, Specialty
I like doing yoga and painting in free time.
Instruction style
My instruction style can be described as concise, effective and natural.
I want my students to feel comfortable and
to keep them interested and excited about learning.
I am patient, kind but also professional.
I make sure they absorb what's being taught and
look forward to seeing them grow in knowledge

CODE: EU220828, Italian
Hobby, Specialty
Passionate about domestic space in film, my interest takes many
different shapes as I enjoy writing as well as podcasting and video essay making.
In other words, I never stop talking about films, through one medium or the other.
I am a film enthusiast as well as a bookworm.
Instruction style
I believe that I have all of the necessary requirements
and the skills pertinent to English online teaching.
I am a patient and friendly person, which has made me popular with my students in the past.
I enjoy watching people flourish under my tutelage and if I were to be working online,
I would make myself available to them as much as my schedule could allow.
I have the equipment necessary for such a role (computer, headphones, and microphone)
as well as the relevant experience to adapt to an online format.
With regards to teaching students in different time zones, this is not an issue for me:
I have a flexible time schedule and I am an early bird anyway!
I speak Italian and English fluently (with a C2 grade of English),
conversational Spanish, and have a good knowledge of German, Slovene and French.
I have a TEFL qualification and have taught English as a tutor on
and off again for four years.
I have obtained two Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Groningen and
a Master’s degree from the University College Cork.
If you are interested in my application, or if you have any questions
you would like to ask me, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

CODE: EU220323, Albania
【Hobby, Specialty】
 I have decided to become a teacher because I think it’s exciting.
I love watching my students’ improvement .
Their development makes me very happy. As teaching is my passion,
I love sharing my experiences with them.
I am very spontaneous, energetic and enthusiastic.
Because of this, if needed, I can use toys and props on my lessons,
so kids can enjoy the time learning English in a funny way.
I also use a lot of TPR and gestures.
I like to spend my free time with my close friends and to go walking in nature.
I like reading, playing soccer, swimming and doing some workout.
 My educational background is a high school diploma for Computer Science.
Currently, I am working on getting my Bachelor diploma for Computer Engineering.
One advantage of this, is that my school’s curriculum is in English.
Regarding my certificates,
I have just renovated my 120 hours Tesol Certificate course.
My recent experience in online teaching is in a company
with students from all over Europe, eager to learn English.
That was an advantage for me because I had the chance to get
to know different students from different cultures.
I have more than seven years that I am in daily contact with English.
As well, for a year, I managed some AirBnb rooms and had contact
with international tourists using English.

CODE: EU220524, Morocco
Hobby, Specialty
linguist, proofreader, writer, book reader.
My name is Chaimae Laafou, and I am a Linguist.
I speak three languages; I have a native level
in English and Arabic besides my fluent French.
Besides my master’s degree in linguistics,
I have a Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) certificate
from the British Council, TESOL, and TEYL from Teach International.
I am an open-minded, patient and friendly teacher who loves reading,
reviewing books and listening to classical music.
Having taught people from all group ages, different
cultures and nationalities,
I was able to gather experience and improve myself
constantly as a teacher during those 7 years of online and offline classes.
Learners will notice that I will always focus on their needs,
objectives and therefore provide a clear explanation accordingly.
I believe that my teaching experience and passion for community
engagement make me a terrific candidate for being a teacher
who will make a positive contribution to my students' learning journey

CODE: EU220610, Slovenia
Teaching in a fun and dynamic environment helping young learners achieve fluency.
Creating dynamic lessons for young learners to create exciting and fun
language learning environment
Preparing summer camp materials for top Slovenian English language camps
Teaching groups and individuals, dealing and managing classroom conflicts
in a Professional and efficient way.

CODE: EU0130, North Macedonia
Hobby, Specialty
I love reading books and riding my bike.
I am currently writing my master's thesis on English literature.
Instruction style
I am patient with my students and I love to see their progress.
I try to correct their mistakes implicitly and
reward them every time they do the right thing.

CODE: EU031, Serbia
Hobby, Specialty
Hello! My name is Visnya and I love my job!
One of the reasons for becoming a teacher is to contribute
in a meaningful way and to give back.
I consider teaching to be one of the most direct ways to make an impact,
and I am driven by the desire to help!
Instruction style
Teachers do way more than teaching in my opinion
- we must be good psychologists and great entertainers as well!
But nothing is hard when there is strong will and motivation,
and I do have both!

CODE: EU032, Serbia
Hobby, Specialty
Hi! I'm teacher Marta and I love learning about your daily activities,
interests and experiences.
I believe every student has something special and unique to offer and
I am only here to help you say it in English.
My personal interests are traveling, learning about different cultures
and animals.
I have 2 pets: a dog and a cat and they help me teach! I also love learning
other languages and that is why I know how difficult that task is.
So far I speak Greek, German and a bit of Chinese. Come to my class
so we can talk more!
Instruction style
I am a TEFL certified teacher with 7 years of teaching experience, out of
which 5 years of teaching English online, mostly to Chinese and Japanese students.
My main teaching methods consist of:
1. I can adapt my teaching, communication and vocabulary based
on students skills and needs.
2. I'm open-minded, good listener, patient and genuinely
interested in what students have to say.
3. I have a neutral accent and can easily adapt the speed
based on student's needs.
4. I offer all sorts of classes such as conversational classes,
IELTS practice, English for traveling, business English etc.
5. I can put focus on grammar points as well as pronunciation.

CODE: EU220123, Egypt
Hobby, Specialty
 Photography and listening to music
 Hello everyone! My name is Youssef
I am 19 years old and I have been teaching English for three years
from elementary to High school also
I am certified with TEFL/TESOL teaching certificate.
I like to learn about people's culture also
I have given classes to Spanish ,Japanese ,Arabs ,and also polish people

CODE: EU220202, Serbia
Hobby, Specialty
I have a lot of hobbies and one of my favorite hobbies is
playing basketball and going to the gym,
I also enjoy going for a long walk in the forest.
Reading books is something I really enjoy. And my specialty is:
being productive, problem solver
Instruction style
The teaching style I normally use includes using Tpr,
using a lot of toys to get attention of a child,
If some words are hard to pronounce or some letters
I would spend time on making it possible for them to say until is correct.
 I really enjoy teaching and meeting new students,
that is something I enjoy.
Learning about new cultures food hobbies and etc.

CODE: EU220622, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Hobby, Specialty
English language, Self-improvement
Instruction style
The natural approach, Total Physical Response
My name is Scott, and I am an American English teacher living in Europe.
I have a BA degree in marketing management,
and I am a postgraduate student majoring in management.
Before I began teaching English, I worked in marketing,
and I have been a member in two organizations
that focus on traveling and youth activism.
I spent 8 months in Paris, France, studying business
at the Eiffel School of Management.
Since I have a background in business and marketing,
I would be a perfect teacher for Business English and related fields.

CODE: EU007, Serbia

CODE: EU006, Ukraine
Hobby, Specialty
sports and travels
Instruction style
I can offer Conversational classes, IELTS Practice and English for Travel.
I have been working as an English teacher for about 10 years.
I should say that English is my passion and
I truly enjoy teaching both children and adults,
so being a teacher is the best job for me.
In 2012 I graduated from Zaporizhzhya National University as a teacher
of English language and literature.
I have experience of working abroad in the USA and UK companies.
I also have IELTS certificate.
I would love to share my knowledge and experience with you!
I have a neutral American accent and my voice is easy to understand.
My favorite topics are hobbies, sports and travels.
My dream is to visit China and I would love to know more about
your culture and customs.
I can offer Conversational classes, IELTS Practice and English for Travel.
It would be great if you let me know what your priorities are.
I am looking forward to meeting you soon!

CODE: EU009, Albania
Hobby, Specialty
I am a really talkative and energetic person that's why I love to do things that
take me a lot of energy like singing, dancing , playing sports and swimming.
Instruction style
I have been teaching Chinese and Japanese students for more than 3 years now and
I can truly say that this is one of the jobs I love.
I really love kids and I like to treat them like friends.
I like them to feel comfy and happy in my classes and enjoy themselves and to make
them feel that way I help them to learn English in an easy and funny way,
I sing, dance play games, use TPR and do jokes with them so after the class
they are the ones that can say they really want to see me again.
I have experience in teaching both groups(small and large) and 1 on 1
I am aware that each student is unique and they have a different background.
Some are fast learners, some are slow learners and sometimes I need to be
patient because some of them don't really like English and are not interested
to participate well in the class.
That's why it needs me to adjust my teaching methods with each of them.
I think I am the proper person for this job position, because I am a professional
experienced teacher.
I can easily get familiar with new requirements. I work hard to achieve my goals.
and I enjoy what I do and share the same vibes.
If pass all the steps I assure you won't regret you hired me.

CODE: EU028, Botswana
Hobby, Specialty
I am pretty much a homebody,
but if ever I get the chance to do outdoor activities
I enjoy doing some gardening and camping.
Instruction style
Since I've worked with an ESL online business English teaching company,
I understand that with working with adults it is much better to not try
to control the lesson and allow the student to freely express themselves.
With teaching adults, it's betterif you present yourself as an acquaintance,
business partner, and less of a teacher.
I am a native-like speaker; I was born and raised in an English-speaking country,
seeking to expand my English skills through online ESL.
I have had the privilege of working with a Filipino and Japanese ESL company.
I hope you review my qualifications and experience and grant me
the opportunity to work with you.

CODE: EU027, Albania

CODE: EU018, Turky
As a professional,certified and experienced teacher,
I am looking for a job in your company that will enable me to creatively
showcase talents all the while challenging me to adapt new skills and
processes needed to advance within my chosen career path.

CODE: EU220203, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Hobby, Specialty
Exploring and learning languages, reading books, tech skills, fitness.
Instruction style
Directing and discussing style
I am a native English speaker with experience teaching English.
I would like to use my skills to teach business English at your company.
I worked as a tourist guide for more than 6 years with international clients.
I have successfully worked with people from different cultures and backgrounds.
If you believe I could benefit your company and your students,
I would like to hear from you.

CODE: EU020, Ukraine
I have conducted more than 6000 lessons online and I worked with students
from such companies as Science Po, Econocom, Smile, Cmigroupe, DB Schenker,
Carmeuse, InstitutOpen, Yandex. INNV, Zendergroup, Opengroupe, Critical Building,
Natixis Bank ( France, Italy), Harmonic Inc, Canon, Figeac Aero, Adobe,Skyeng.


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