CODE: US/EST230908
Instruction style
Hello, my name is Hamit!
I graduated from Syracuse University in 2019 with a degree in Psychology,
and have previously worked as a Business Manager
at a prestigious academic institution in Texas.
I am a person with a wide range of interests. Some days,
I like to stay in and work on creating new music.
Some days I like to go out shopping and hanging out
with my friends at a restaurant or a bar. Other days,
I am very spontaneous and leave to go camping for a couple of days,
or go hiking to a nearby forest or canyon.
Being flexible in different hobbies allows me to get along
with all types of people from around the world.

CODE: US/EST230830
Instruction style
Hello, my instruction style is fairly casual I like to meet my student
and determine how they would like to learn.
I can work from a textbook, but I believe that the best way to learn new grammar
and vocabulary is through reading and communication practice.
I've been teaching since 2020 and am TEFL and TESOL certified.

CODE: US/EST230701
Hobby, Specialty
My hobbies are reading, listening to music, and learning new things.
Instruction style
I am kind and patient, helping my students learn in a comfortable atmosphere.
I am so excited to meet new students and study English together!
I can help with business or conversational English, as well as with English basics,
including grammar and pronunciation.

CODE: US/EST230920
Instruction style
I took latin in high school and had some mean language teachers.
You have to speak at each students level.
For example, I teach a lot of Polish adults and teens.
A girl and I had a nice conversation about Strange Things
If they're interested in it, I'm interested in it.

CODE: US/EST230811
Instruction style
My instruction must be student centered, so the content is relevant to the learner.
It must be enjoyable, respectable and focused on the connection.
You can see testimonials about my teaching style here:
And some older conversations here:

CODE: US/EST230602
Hobby, Specialty
I love spending time with my family and my dogs I also love to cook and long walks
Instruction style
I always try to create friendly atmosphere and encourage my students
I am really looking forward to meet all you

CODE: US/EST230901

Instruction style
Professionally, I have over 7 years of corporate experience. As project manager with
a large international company,
I worked with numerous and diverse commercial businesses, state and federal
government organizations,
large healthcare corporations and hospitals, and educational institutions.
I have extensive experience with both government and commercial contracts, and
working with national and international vendors and subcontractors.
In my business career, I have coordinated marketing and design, engineering,
manufacturing, large architectural installations, and permitting.
I also have freelance experience in graphic design, social media management, and
website development.
My academic and research background is in neuroscience, specifically learning and
The interdisciplinary nature of the field provided me with years of experience in
a variety of academic,
University-level subjects such as chemistry, biology and microbiology, genetics,
psychology, art, and literature.
I have several years of experience in academic and laboratory research.
I have authored articles, grant proposals, and a research thesis, and I have presented
my research to numerous audiences nationwide.

Hobby, Specialty
My hobbies are reading classic novels as well as reading nonfiction.
I also like to cook, write, and spend time with family and friends.
I am a great conversationalist!
Instruction style
Through my many years of experience teaching English,
I have become competent in teaching through formal lessons
as well as through conversations.
Topics of interests include education, government, health, work, family
and many more.
I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree
in Healthcare Administration.
I also have a 120-hourTEFL certificate. With my education and experience,
I am sure that I can help my students improve their English skills.

CODE: US/EST230831
Instruction style
I always encourage the student to talk as much as possible,
always using complete sentences.
I like to help the student to build a personal connection
to everything that we talk about,
so I always try to find ways to show how aspects of our lesson relate to
the student's own experience and interests.
For students who already have a very high-level of conversation ability,
I try to expose them to as many idioms and advanced vocabulary words as possible.

CODE: US/EST220729
Hobby, Specialty
 Photography, videography
Instruction style
 CELTA Pass B certified
Greetings! My name is Kelly, I live in New York and I am a Pass B CELTA graduate.
I was inspired to become an English teacher because I have been studying
Spanish for 3 years and I participate in conversation exchanges
with people across Latin America.
I can see the direct, positive impact that learning English has on my partners.
I believe in equitable, affordable and accessible education for all.
I feel that my experience learning another language is extremely beneficial
to me as a teacher because I know what a lot of students are going through
in the language learning process.
In addition to being a teacher I am also a photographer and videographer.
I love to travel and I hope to teach in Latin America,
but I am open to all opportunities; online and in person.
Throughout my CELTA course I was told by tutors,
classmates and students how engaging my presentations were.
As a visual artist I combine strong visuals with well-organized lesson information.
I was also told that my lessons were fun and informative
and that I had great rapport with the students.
I think another one of my strengths is the ability to connect with students
and to key into how they are feeling during lessons.
This is skill that I acquired in my photographic career.
The ability connect with people and create a space that feels safe and
comfortable creates a more positive and productive learning environment.
I don’t want anyone in my class to be embarrassed to ask questions or
to say that they don’t understand. Learning is a process and part of
that process is making mistakes and learning from them.
Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you soon.
Please use this link to view a video of me sharing a bit about myself,
as well as a sample of one of my lessons.
Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

CODE: US/EST220728
Hobby, Specialty
I am a history and English teacher who enjoys entertainment
and talking about TV and movies.
I also enjoy running, swimming, hiking and yoga.
I also enjoy cooking and love to talk about recipes with my students.
Instruction style
My instruction is very student centered.
I help students focus on pronunciation and comprehension of their English,
making sure not to move too quickly.
If you would like to improve your English or just have fun improving
your general knowledge, schedule a class with me.

CODE: US/EST220603
Hobby, Specialty
In my spare time, I like to hike and
when I stay home I read books and watch TV shows.
Instruction style
I focus on expanding students' confidence in speaking English.
In my class, you can expect to learn the ability to speak fluently,
express thoughts in your own words, and have clear speech.
Interacting in the lessons is my number one priority.
I am 28 years old and living in New York City.
I have been teaching English for more than 10 years,
teaching beginner to advanced level English Classes.
I have a TELF certificate.
I also love meeting new people.
I would like to know more about you in our class. See you!

CODE: US/EST220428
Hobby, Specialty
Cooking, exercising and learning Spanish.
Instruction style
My teaching style is laid back and conversational.
I want to make the students feel comfortable and at ease.
I also always try to tie in personal experiences and
cultural elements from the student's home country.
I think I would be a great fit for Cena because
I have experience working with and building
relationships with adult Korean students.

CODE: US/EST220421
Hobby, Specialty
Photography, Travel, and Language Learning.
Instruction style
I can help with learning new words, pronunciation, grammar, and listening.
I like using different methods depending on the students.
The various techniques I have used to teach student is conveying meaning of words
with body language, showing how to pronunciation a word with showing mouth movements,
teaching sentences and repeating it, and teaching the students how to get the a conversation.
I am an American ESL teacher who has experience teaching online English for two years.
I have taught various ages from very young to adult.
I also have a Bachelors in Psychology and a TEFL certificate.

CODE: US/EST221215
Hobby, Specialty
Political Science: I have an education in global politics and history.
Economics: I have personal interest in Economics.
I have gotten a CFA lvl1 and a CMT lvl1 designation on my own
and am capable of teaching general finance and economics.
Instruction style
My education style is to learn through use.
I make my lessons geared to teaching language that can be use day to day.
Additionally, because I too am a second language learner (Mandarin) ,
I make sure to make my lessons fun and engaging.
This is because I know how much time and years it takes to become fluent in a language.

CODE: US/EST220307
Hobby, Specialty
I love music, movies, singing, traveling, meeting new people,
teaching kids, teaching adults, conversational English,
Instruction style
I like to get to know my students on a personal level to
] really customize each lesson around their interests.

CODE: US/EST220219
Hobby, Specialty
I like painting, golfing, and music.
Instruction style
I teach a mixed style of learning.
I like to teach lecture style and then see what the student understands.
Once I observe what they comprehended,
I will alter my teaching for the student's needs.
I would like the opportunity to teach English at your establishment.
If you would like to get to know me better,
please view my CV and introduction video so you can see
if my credentials are a good fit.
Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Hobby, Specialty
I like to travel very much, both domestically and internationally.
I also like hiking, music, and reading.
Instruction style
I like to use a variety of methods in teaching English, including free talk,
grammar lessons, and reading articles.
I have an easygoing style and like to tailor my lessons to the needs of the student.
My name is Jeff Micka, a native of the USA, and I am searching for a teaching
job online.
My job experience has been in the field of teaching ESL, and my first assignment
was in the People’s Republic of China, where I taught for two years.
I taught one-on-one lessons as well as group lessons, and they were,
for the most part, focused on conversation.
I also oversaw speaking tests which evaluated the oral English of our students.
I was a highly-rated teacher due to my ability to engage students of all levels
and get them out of their comfort zones so that they could learn.
After leaving China, I started to teach online.
The first company I taught for was DadaABC, a Chinese company that connected me
to children all across China.
For the last two-and-a-half years, I have been a contractor for Cambly,
a California-based online English-learning company.
I have met people from all over the world, including, but not limited to,
Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Brazil, South Korea, and Japan.
I have consistently received high ratings from students, and have impressed
them with my knowledge of world geography, history, and current events.
I am now looking to challenge myself more by finding another job teaching
my native language.
My friendly personality and my knowledge of English and international events
make me a good fit for any teaching position.
I hope that you will consider me. Thank you.


Hobby, Specialty
My hobbies include working with stained glass. I am also a HAM radio operator.
Instruction style
I like to have FUN in our classes. I am a very patient teacher.
I understand that each student has their own set of needs.
Special attention is given to pronunciation of words, reading, and
speaking skills.
Hello! My name is Teacher Jeffrey!
I have taught over 7,300 ESL classes to 1,186 students.
I have also taught as a music instructor at two different music academies.
I graduated with a Bachelor of Music Performance from the State University
of New York at Fredonia.
I still make a living as a professional musician today.
The listening skills required for being a musician have helped me greatly
as an ESL instructor.
I am patient, supportive, and enthusiastic with both children and adults.
I enjoy making class FUN while keeping students engaged.
My hobbies include amateur radio, and working with stained glass.
See you in the classroom!

CODE: US/EST230518
Hobby, Specialty
 I enjoy speaking English with students, reading, and watching movies.
I love getting students engaged in our lessons and focusing on pronunciation and grammar.
I find it rewarding to help my students build confidence in English.
Instruction style
 I focus on conversation skills and teaching the students how to pronounce words correctly.
I find when they discuss their day and habits it is more engaging for them and natural.

Hobby, Specialty
My hobbies include swimming, hiking, and traveling.
I have visited over 20 countries.
Instruction style
I make sure to provide a professional and warm teaching environment.
This allows me to make the student comfortable, but also provide correction
and helpful improvement suggestions for my student.
I have been teaching English online for over 7 years and I love my job!
I have taught student from all over the world, especially Japan.
I will work hard to make sure my students improve in their English skills
and teaching them so many things, including idioms.

Hobby, Specialty
Expert at working online platforms for educational purposes (tutoring,
ESL education, music teaching)
volunteer and employed experience working with learners of all ages
advanced training in music and dance allows for creative approaches to teaching
Instruction style
I emphasize responsiveness and focus individually on each student's learning goals
I care about celebrating the individual student's accomplishments but also
creating a rigorous environment that challenges students to be the best they can be
working with multiple students has allowed me to practice excellent time management,
give group and individual feedback, and communicate information clearly and concisely

Hobby, Specialty
I enjoy jogging, hiking and scuba diving
Instruction style
I use different styles, considering I work with students of all ages
Hey! My name is Andrew! I’m an American 28 year old teacher.
I hold a bachelor of laws degree, a university teaching specialist degree,
a master’s degree in International and European Law and a TEFL certificate.
I speak English, Spanish and Portuguese. I enjoy jogging, hiking and scuba diving.
I am passionate, approachable and calm.
I’ve worked as an online ESL teacher and as a university professor at
Icesi University, a private, nonprofit university which offers over
70 undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and is ranked

Instruction style
I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Modern Languages and International Studies
from Kansas State University.
I also hold a TEFL Certification from TEFL International, which I re-certified
with Magic Ears University in 2020.
I began my career in Education and that led me to traveling the globe teaching English.
I have taught in-person classes in Costa Rica, Germany, Australia, and India.
In 2016 I switched from in-person classrooms to virtual classrooms, where I have
remained ever since and plan to remain for the foreseeable future.
Teaching online has been absolutely amazing and has allowed me to remain at home
to raise my son as well as to continue traveling with my family while working.
I am very energetic and love to have fun in my classrooms.
I find that my personality and teaching style suit children, teenagers,
and fun-loving adults very well.
I am looking to fill approximately 20 teaching hours per week.
I am a fun-loving, energetic, and very experienced teacher.
I'm very excited about the prospect of working with you!
I hope to see you in the classroom soon!

CODE: US/EST221102
Hobby, Specialty
My specialty: ESL Teacher.
My hobbies: gardening, cooking, fine art, photography, nature, travel
Instruction style
Happy and focussed: fun approach to language learning.
Emphasis on speaking with pronunciation correction and
repetition as the path to English language acquisition.
Hello! I am a native English speaker from the USA
with 3 years of teaching experience.
I came across your website and was excited to apply for the position of
English (ESL) online teacher!
I love teaching and always take a fun approach so that the student is
always happy and feels confident to learn and grow!
I have a bachelor's degree, 120-hour TEFL teaching certificate and
an Arizona State University English teaching certificate.
It would be a pleasure to be considered for a teaching role with your company.
I look forward to speaking with you!

CODE: US/EST230517
Instruction style
My name is Jenly! I am TESOL Certified teacher
with 5+ years of strong teaching experience in the ESL Online community!
I previously worked with Magic Ears, Qkids, and the Higher Learning Group.
I attended the University of Florida, where I studied Public Relations and Philosophy.
I have experience teaching children, ages 3-16, as well as adults, ages 25-65.
I currently own all of the necessary teaching equipment such as, a high processing laptop,
a headset with a microphone, a teaching background, props, and more!
I am also comfortable developing my own lesson plans, if needed.
It’d be an absolute pleasure to continue to my teaching journey with CENA Academy,
as I’ve heard nothing but wonderful experiences!
Thank you for your time and consideration!
If any additional information is needed, please feel free to let me know.
I look forward to hopefully hearing from you soon!

Instruction style
I love teaching, motivating and communicating information to kids and
professional adults in a simple and entertaining manner.
I believe that learning should be fun and exciting. I am a dedicated, friendly,
patient and open-minded teacher who loves getting to know all of her students.
Hello, I am a native English speaker with an American accent.
I am a college graduate of Bachelor of Science in Geomatics Engineering and
a certified English teacher with 3 years experience in educating young learners
and adults.
I am currently a Top tutor at Acadsoc where I teach both kids and professional
adults business English.
I do have online experience teaching corporate English to Business professionals
for both Chinese and Korean adults.
I am currently teaching at Language Master to professional Chinese adults for IELTS,
Business English, Spoken English and SAT prep exams.
Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Hobby, Specialty
I work a lot because I love what I do! Outside of my jobs,
I have a family, including a husband, a 12-year-old boy, and a 16-year-old girl
(many pets too)!
We spend most of our time on school and sports.
Instruction style
I am currently a school district administrator for my main job, but I love
connecting with students online!
I have received extensive training in appropriate online ESL strategies,
such as the use of total physical response and props, as well as general ESL topics,
such as synthetic phonics and IELTS training.
I have also even PROVIDED training to other teachers on ESL topics like error
I've been a teacher for a long time and can adapt my teaching style to fit the needs
of my students.
Hello! I’m Jennifer Whitt.
I have been teaching in public schools for over 20 years and have been teaching
online for over three years.
I am certified in the United States to teach English, Reading, and Special Education.
I also have a TESOL certification, a TEFL certification, a Master's in Education,
and several administrative certifications.

Hobby, Specialty
photography, language learning
Instruction style
Free talk or structured lessons!
I can help you to gain the confidence you need when speaking English.
I hope to meet you soon!

Hobby, Specialty
My hobbies are reading, playing volleyball, cooking and baking.
Instruction style
My methodology is to cater to the students' needs.
I like to see what they need to focus on, and what they feel their strengths
and weaknesses are.
I prefer to have an exciting but rigorous classroom experience.
Hello, my name is Danielle Windham.
I have been a TESOL certified ESL tutor to adults and children for over
seven years now.
I am currently majoring in education at the Canadian Institute of English
and Applied Neuroscience.
I have taught ESL students from Mexico, China, Taiwan, Japan, and Thailand.
As a language learner myself, I truly love the opportunities to teach
others my native language.
I know that learning a language can be hard, but I love to see the progress
of language learners in the classroom.
I believe that language is one of the best ways to connect cultures and
broaden horizons.

Hobby, Specialty
Reading, watching documentaries, bowling, performing in live theater, painting
Instruction style
Student-centered, technology-based
I have experience with assisting professionals with business English lessons
in telephone skills, making introductions, presentations, and meetings.

Hobby, Specialty
Reading, Cooking, Anime
Instruction style
I incorporated a combination of TPR, props, and realia.
I am excited for the opportunity to work with you in the future.
In the last 3.5 years I have taught over 12000 ESL classes and 3000 students.
Teaching is my passion. I love learning about my kids and their unique cultures.
I look forward to even more opportunities as part of your team.
I have also taught English in preschools and Elementary schools.
The preschools covered ages 6 months to kindergarten.
I did an unpaid internship with several Elementary schools covering 4 years of time.
These internships included 2nd grade, 5th grade, and an advanced reading program.

I am a specialized ESL teacher in English courses for students of all ages and levels.
I am efficient using universally known methods such as the Direct and
Cambridge Methods.
I strive for delivering a class where I know I used all of my resources in order
to transmit the target language to my students in the easiest way possible along
with maximizing their talk time and participation.
Furthermore, during extra time I participate in any activities possible whether
recruiting people to work in a call center needing English speakers, cold calling
campaigns from home, translating documents, reporting live soccer scores for
betting websites and, and network marketing.
I am extremely passionate in everything I do.
If I can’t be passionate towards it and do it well I won’t waste anyone’s time.

CODE: US/EST221230
Hobby, Specialty
ESL teacher
Instruction style
patient, easy-going
Hello my name is Conan I'm 33 years old and I'm from California USA,
I have been teaching online for 6 years and
I'm looking for a new opportunity thanks a lot.

My intent is to add value to any organization I work with, to be an inspiration
to those who seek to aspire for excellence in the online teaching industry
and to be a source of inspiration to the students I teach.

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