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Name   Morgan Holton
Birthplace    UK
Current place
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I am a young and energetic individual with a strong passion for
education and a love for children.
I have spent time abroad in China & Vietnam teaching young
children,teenagers and adults full time and loved every minute of it.
I have been teaching English online to Chinese students for 1 year
and counting!
I believe knowledge is power and language is what connects us!
I am focused on being a part of building the bridge between East
and West through online learning.

Name(名前)     Lynne Elizabeth Higgins
Birthplace(出身地)  Dundee, UK
Current address(現在場所)  Valencia, Spain
Internet Speed(インターネット・スピード)  Down Load 26.23 / Up Load 5.13 Mbps
Time Zone(タイムゾーン)  UTC+1 日本標準時(JST) -8H  サマータイム -7H
Education and Career(学歴・キャリア)
MA TESOL, Trinity certTESOL, MA Psychology. My career is Teaching English.

Hobby, Specialty(趣味・特技)
My hobbies include listening to music, traveling, learning about new cultures, meeting new people, reading, swimming, meditation, yoga and movies.

Instruction style(教え方)
I always make every effort to create a positive learning environment to ensure that students may participate purposefully in each lesson. I am enthusiastic yet approachable, making sure that all students are in a comfortable and stable learning environment at all times. I am careful to ensure that all of my material is age and level appropriate. I adapt my style of communication to ensure that it is appropriate to the situation. It is important to provide students with a learning environment in which they can develop naturally and to their fullest potential. I have learned that being clear about expectations, being assertive but fair and being consistent is an effective approach. I believe that the most powerful single factor that enhances achievement is feedback - positive, encouraging and clearly targeted. It is also important to remember that your lesson plan will never go exactly as you would like it to, especially with very young learners. Flexibility is of the utmost importance!

Having a positive effect on the lives of language learners is something that I feel passionate about. I am very well-traveled, which has allowed me to become more patient, understanding and compassionate. I appreciate people for who they are and believe it is extremely important to instill confidence, self-respect and an enthusiasm for learning in students of all ages. I love teaching and I believe that learning should be fun. The only way to foster intrinsic motivation in students is to make lessons enjoyable and memorable!

Fionnuala Wall Image
Name(名前)      Fionnuala Wall  フィオナラ・ウォール
Birthplace(出身地)   Waterford, Ireland  アイルランド共和国・ウォーターフォード
Current address(現住所 )  Dublin, Ireland  アイルランド共和国・ダブリン
Internet Speed(インターネット・スピード)   Down Load 10.92 / Up Load 2.85 Mbps
Time Zone(タイムゾーン)   GMT (UTC-0) グリニッジ標準時=日本標準時(JST) -9H サマータイム -8H
Education and Career(学歴・キャリア)
Bachelor Degree in History and Politics and a Post-Graduate in Education, University College Dublin, Ireland 8 Years Teaching Experience

Hobby, Specialty(趣味、得意なこと)
Personal Development (I am also a Life Coach!), all outdoor activities, playing guitar, learning languages, reading. 個人の啓発(ライフコーチ)、すべてのアウトドア活動、ギター演奏、言語の学習そして読書。

Instruction style(教え方)
Student Centered Approach  生徒さん中心のアプローチ

I am a native English speaker and a qualified teacher with 8 years teaching experience, both offline and online. I have excellent communication skills, am very enthusiastic and have a passion for teaching English. I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Christopher Sly Image
Name(名前)   Mr. Christopher Sly  クリストファー・スリー
Birthplace(出身地) Leicester, UK  英国・レスター
Current address(現住所 ) Sheffield, UK  英国・シェフィールド
Time Zone タイムゾーン (タイム・ゾーン)  GMT(UTC 0) グリニッジ標準時=日本標準時(JST) -9H サマータイム -8H
Education and Career(学歴・キャリア)
BA music at University of Leeds. I also passed CELTA. I taught English for 4 years in Kobe, Japan.

Hobby, Specialty(趣味、得意なこと)
Playing piano and hiking in the countryside.  ピアノ演奏、田舎の散策

Instruction style(教え方)
I like to be friendly as well as informative. I try to get students to ask lots of questions and participate in the lesson as much as possible. Focusing on conversation allows the student to make the most of their time speaking to a native speaker. Also, I try to used lots of different types of activity for variety such as pictures, games, role-plays etc.

Hello. My name is Chris. I am from the UK. I spent four years living in Japan in Kobe. Now I am living in the UK, but I would love to teach English still. I am looking forward to teaching again.

TOEIC   英会話は、ネイティブ講師のオンライン英会話!