CODE: Irish Asia 230903
Instruction style
In my classes I like to use free flow conversation,
exercises, articles and debates to help students to improve
their communication skills and to have fun!
I also specialize in business English - practicing with students
to improve communication in a professional setting.
I love working with students on their confidence and
their ability to communicate spontaneously, improving pronunciation,
grammar and vocabulary. I can adapt my classes to teach students of any level,
whether beginners or an advanced learners, and to suit their interests.

CODE: UK Asia 230707
Instruction style
My approach to lessons is relaxed and fun;
I feel the best way to get the most out of my students and
the lesson is to make them feel as comfortable as possible.
After all, learning is meant to be enjoyable!
If you would like a more formal approach to your lessons,
then this is also something we can do easily.
I have a lot of experience teaching both informal and fun classes,
and formal business and examination preparation classes.

CODE: UK Asia 230618
Hobby, Specialty
 I enjoy playing history, kayaking and I love history especially from the Egyptian era.
Instruction style
I conduct my classes with enthusiasm, passion and a high level of energy.
I listen to the students and give them instant correction.
I believe in creating a friendly and warm environment and teaching with a polite etiquette.
Hi there! My name is Azeem, I am from London, United Kingdom.
I have a degree in Law and I love teaching English.
I have a proven track record and have helped students to thrive
and improve their English reading, writing and speaking.
So come to my class and let us learn and improve together!

CODE: UK Asia 230529
Hobby, Specialty
With over 30 years business experience in different countries and
industries I have got the experience to guide you to confident and effective English.
I am trained to teach English to speakers of other languages (CELTA).
I have a unique skill set and perspective gained in both the business world and the classroom.
I can help you lose the embarrassment and shyness you feel when you use English.
30年以 上に渡る、マルチカルチュアル で多岐に渡る業界で培ってきた 経験に基づきながら、
英語力に 自信が持てるように、また効果 的に、適切に、英語でコミュニ ケーションが
図れるように指導 いたします。
国際英語 教師資格 (CELTA) を取得している講師が、ビジ ネスの世界における実務経験と 、
教師として学んできた教授法 を組み合わせ、独自の方法・視 点で学習援助に携わります。
英 語を使う時に感じるネガティヴ な要素を取り除くように尽力致 します。
Instruction style
I understand the difficulties non-native English speakers face in business situations.
You will benefit from real life experience, not just classroom experience.
There is no reason for you to feel embarrassed or shy about using your English in business.
Let’s fix it.
I help and support you with strategies and learning to build your confidence and ability.
Your English ability will rapidly improve.
英語を共通語とした国際ビジ ネスでの経験を活かしながら各学習プランが組み立てられています。
豊富で多彩な 実務経験や、英語を母国語とし ない人々に英語を教えるという 教師経験から、
英語を母国語と しない人々がビジネスシーンに おいて直面するもどかしさなど 、
これまで見てきました。ビジ ネス英語とは、ただ単に、国際 ビジネスにふさわしい言い回しや、
自然な表現などの知識を身 につけるだけではありません。
それに加えて、物事を説明する 際の明確さや表現力、自信が求 められます。
各学習プ ランを通して、英語学習支援の みならず、ビジネスの世界で実 際培われ、
磨き上げられてきた 経験を活かしたコーチングが受 けられます。コーチングを通して、
英語を使うなんて「自信が ない」「恥ずかしい」といった ネガティヴな要素を取り除ける ようになります。

CODE: UK220806
Instruction style
I believe every student is unique and
I adapt my instruction style to suit your needs.
I can offer everything from strict correction, grammar breakdowns
and vocabulary drilling to more informal and relaxed approaches
such as free conversation,
listening exercises and gentle correction.
I also believe that a positive learning environment is important
for keeping my student’s motivation high.


Hello, and thank you for looking at my profile.
My name is Chris, I live in Tokyo but I’m from England, UK.
I am a TEFL-certified English teacher and
I have been teaching English for 10 years.
I’m very excited to be teaching English online and
I’m looking forward to meeting lots of new people.
I have taught at English-language schools in Tokyo and
I’ve taught at universities in both the UK and Japan.
I also teach private lessons face-to-face in Tokyo and online.
Most of my students are Japanese
and their levels range from beginner to advanced.
If you need extra help, I can speak a little Japanese.
I offer many types of lessons. For example:

1)Free-talk conversation - have a conversation on any topic chosen
 by you or your teacher.
For example: daily routine, a movie I like, my work,
Japanese culture, recent news, etc.
2)Role-playing session - role-play a scenario with your teacher.
For example: ordering in a restaurant,
self-introduction, at the airport, etc.
3)Presentation preparation - practice your presentation
and get feedback and correction.
4)Grammar point - target a single grammar point such as
prepositions, verb tenses, sentence structure, etc.
5)Textbook lesson - work through your favourite textbook
or one recommended by your teacher.
6)Student request - request a custom lesson based on your preferences.
For example: working on your thesis or article;
reading a script from your favourite movie, etc.
I look forward to seeing you online!

CODE: UK230911
Instruction style
My teaching style is relaxed and I aim to provide a safe place
for students to feel comfortable to learn and make mistakes.
I always give constructive feedback so that
students can develop their language skills.
Furthermore, I am passionate about creating lessons
that are tailor made for the students' needs.


CODE: UK220515
Hobby, Specialty
Tennis, chess and music production
Instruction style
I have taught in Bangkok, Thailand for thirteen years,
and possess relevant experience in teaching Math, Science,
and English at Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary levels.
I have also taught business English to adults in various part-time positions,
and have experience with IELTS, TOEIC, and TOEFL preparation.
I have also taught both children and adults online with various Chinese companies.
I recently held a full-time position at a bilingual school in the Lad Phrao area of Bangkok.
I have since relocated to Chiang Mai and I am looking for a position with more prospects
and opportunities to develop my teaching career further.

CODE: UK malta230610
Hobby, Specialty
Reading and volunteer football for under 7, under 6 and under 5.
Instruction style
My method is based on quote from Benjamin Franklin, "Involve me and I learn."
My teaching style is relaxed and encourging, but you will learn.
I have helping students learn English online and in person for the past 4 years.
My students range in age 5 and up, from novice to advanced.
I also specialize in Business English, and the IELTS and TOEFL programs.

CODE: UK221004
Hobby, Specialty
I have travel to over 50 countries.
love Animals and my two X race horses , UK Univeristy Infomration for London,
England Advice of IGCSE and A level Entrance requriements.
Hello I am a qualified Science and EAL Teacher from the UK and also a
Qualified Teacher for Canada.
I have 22 years teaching expereince in London England Schools
and also Internaitional School.
I am well resorced I also a Cambridge Examiner.
I can teach: Everyday English English proficiency tests: the TOEFL,
the IELTS Medical Terminlogy Anatomy is the identification and description
of the structures of living thing IGCSE Science, Boilogy, Chemistgry and Physics
Instruction style
I am try to make my students relax and enjoy learning Providing a safe and
stable environment for all students to aspire succeed and achieve.
It is important for consistency and continuity.
As a teacher I use the curriculum to set up the classroom environment,
to make it dynamic.

CODE: UK220526
Hobby, Specialty
As a British man, I speak British English,
but I can comfortably teach lessons involving other kinds of international English,
including US, AU, NZ, etc.
I have experience of teaching all age groups and ability levels,
but most of my experience is with young adults or teenagers.
My hobbies are travelling, sports (I love football most of all!),
movies and video games, music
(I love electric music, especially EDM and Vocaloid in Japan)
and spending time with my wife and young daughter.
Instruction style
I like to teach in a fun, student-focused way.
My lessons will have clear learning goals, but these goals may be changed
to suit the needs of the students and their interests/motivations.
I also hugely enjoy finding ways to involve student interests in my lessons.
For example, if they are a baseball fan, I will make lessons featuring
baseball-related examples or select listening practice with references to sports.
I have been teaching English in Japan for almost ten years,
and have worked with students of practically every age group and ability level.
I have taught online and offline lessons, featuring topics from business etiquette
and examination preparation, to more fun-focused
and cultural classes covering sports, art, and even cooking.
Whatever the motivations, age, or ability level of the students,
I will apply my skills and experience to ensure that my lessons are interesting,
engaging, and focused on the individual language needs of the students.

Hobby, Specialty
My hobbies are cooking, researching new teaching methods or materials and
doing outdoor activities.
I enjoy talking about these subjects with my students, as well as subjects that
they are interested in.
Instruction style
With 13 years of experience, I have learned to quickly adapt my lessons according
to the needs and interests of my students.
I make sure to understand what my students expect from their lessons and I help
them reach their goals.
When teaching, I guide my students to arrive at the correct answer and not just
simply always give them the answers.
I like to conduct my lessons in a logical and organized way.
I show pictures and props whenever possible to help the students better understand
their lesson or to just keep things more interesting.
Teaching ESL is my career and I'm very passionate about it.
I always give my best with each lesson and really think and prepare how I can conduct
them in an interesting and fun way.
I give my students time to process questions and think of their answers.
I also give them prompts or sample sentences to help them construct their answers.

Hobby, Specialty
Keeping fit and trail running.
I like to read self-development books to keep myself growing mentally.
Instruction style
My teaching style is a mix between discussion and delegating.
I look forward to meeting you and helping you progress in your studies.
I will provide a fun engaging lesson and focus on key areas to help you get
to your goals.

Instruction style
I see my role as a teacher as similar to that of a guide.
It is important to show students where to go and give them information
about what they are looking at.
Once they have this information, students are able to form their own
opinions and ideas, which we can then build on together.
In my classroom, students are not just an audience.
I encourage them to be active participants in each of my classes.
I believe that students need as much, if not more, time to speak and express
their own opinions as they do to be drilled or lectured by the teacher.
In order for students to achieve their goals, I believe memorization, critical
thinking, and motivation by the teacher are important.
My approach as a teacher is to make learning as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.
My name is Sean and I am from the United Kingdom. I have been teaching English
as a second language for over ten years.
I have a TEFL certificate and recently achieved a Diploma in Teacher Education.
I really enjoy teaching students of all ages and nationalities.

Hobby, Specialty
I absolutely love travelling and I have been to 23 countries in total.
Some of my other interests are hiking, nature, football, architecture,
gardening, psychology and mental health.
Instruction style
Friendly ,Patient and caring ,Good listener ,Focus on pronunciation ,
Taking notes for improvements and corrections
I’m passionate and energetic, a great communicator,
and have been teaching Business English and Exam Preparation classes
to teenagers and adults scattered all over the world for more than four years.
Teaching clients the core skills of English, as well as developing
the specific skills of hosting a meeting,
giving a presentation, SWAT analysis, exam practice, to name just a few,
just as your organization requires of its trainers, is my specialty.
I have a wealth of exposure and familiarity with a range of online
video-conferencing platforms, such as MS Teams, Zoom, VooV, ClassIn and more.
I am well-traveled, have excellent cultural awareness,
and speak fluent Dutch. Just as you require from prospective candidates,
I love a great challenge and have a “Can Do” attitude
towards teaching and life itself.
Definitely available for an interview and any demo lesson at very short notice,
it would be an excellent opportunity to demonstrate how interpersonal,
presentable and professional I am.

CODE: UK/Latin 220520
Hobby, Specialty
I have a Bachelors degree in American Studies and Spanish.
I specialise in voice. I am a certified vocal coach.
My hobbies include writing songs, music, singing, dancing, cooking
and walking.
Instruction style
I am an upbeat and fun teacher who enjoys honing in on student's weak points
and seeking solutions to their difficulties.
I focus heavily on voice and accent, as well as overall language learning.
I am friendly and encouraging.
Hello! It's lovely to meet you.
I am a TEFL certified English teacher with 13 years of
experience teaching both adults and children.
I have taught both in person & online to students
from all over the world.
I specialise in pronunciation and general English.

CODE: UK221113
Instruction style
I have a contagious enthusiasm, positive attitude, lateral thinking skills,
the ability to identify areas for improvement
and knack for teaching something new in every session.
My lessons are based on 2 fundamentals.
The first being the culture / tone. This is always positive, energetic and fun.
The second is the technical aspect. For this element, I make sure that each student,
in each session, increases their vocabulary, understanding, grammar and proficiency.
This can happen through exam prep, free conversation, formal syllabus, news articles,
textbooks, or a variety of other methods.
Dear Sir / Madam - I am very interested in this position and you will see from
the attached documents that I am a trained, certified and very experienced candidate.
I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

CODE: UK220331
Instruction style
I have a patient teaching style which is engaging and enthusiastic.
It is extremely rewarding to see a student develop and
vastly improve their confidence.
I look forward to working with all students and
be involved in their English language journey.
Cena English seems like a great company to allow me to progress as a teacher,
and offer a professional, systematic approach to teaching Cena's students.
I have lots of experience teaching English to ESL students (2.5years).
Aside from my online teaching, I also have worked thoroughly with
primary (4-11 years old) and
secondary (11-16 years old) school children in the UK.
The majority of my background in teaching has utilized sport and
a hands-on approach to promote learning.
I currently have lots of returning Japanese students and
have received lots of 5-star reviews.
I am looking to further my teaching and progress.
Therefore, I am applying to this company.

Hobby, Specialty
I love doings sports and taking care of my garden,
I've plantes many fruit trees and vegetables.
Instruction style
I like my lessons to be fun and productive.
I will help my students English become more fluent and richer in their vocabulary.
Hi!! I am so excited in applying to your company, my dream has always been
to go to Japan.
Now during COVID times is difficult so teaching Japanese students would the
start of my dream :)

CODE: UK220512
Hobby, Specialty
Hiking, Soccer, Gaming, Movies, Virtual Reality, TV shows,
Cooking, Graphic Design, Philosophy, Games Design, 3D Design, I.T.
Instruction style
First, a test. To see what you want, and your current ability.
Lots of roleplay, using key grammar in real life situations,
focusing on your goals and interests.
I also like to roleplay using video games.
Hello! My name is Jamie, I'm from Manchester in the UK.
I live in Yamagata. I enjoy hiking around the mountains of Yamagata.
I love nature, but I also enjoy gaming.
I play games like Apex and Minecraft, and sometimes play in VR (Virtual Reality).
If you own a VR headset, it is a great way to learn English!
I enjoy a lot of Japanese-western fusion cooking.
I'm also a Graphic designer and Game Designer.
I have worked professionally and enjoy designing to this day.

Instruction style
I see my role as a teacher as similar to that of a guide.
It is important to show students where to go and give them information about
what they are looking at.
Once they have this information, students are able to form their own opinions
and ideas, which we can then build on together.
In my classroom, students are not just an audience.
I encourage them to be active participants in each of my classes.
I believe that students need as much, if not more, time to speak and express
My name is Russell and I am from the United Kingdom. I have been teaching English
as a second language for over eight years.
I have a Bachelors of Arts in English language CELTA (QCF) certificate.
I really enjoy teaching students of all ages and nationalities.
In 2019 I gave 1256 lessons in various seminars.
I really love teaching Japanese students because they are enthusiastic, engaging,
motivated, intelligent, curious, polite, friendly, and fun to talk with.
I also taught Japanese students IELTS preparation courses.
Therefore, I'd love to work with CENA so I get reach more wonderful Japanese students.

CODE: UK Asia 220828
I am a professional English language teacher from Manchester in the UK.
I have more than 5 years of experience teaching English to students
of all ages and abilities from a wide variety of nationalities.
I am CELTA (pass B) qualified, I also hold a Bsc in criminology and politics.
Over my career I have taught thousands of students in a variety of
settings both in physical classrooms and online.
I have experience teaching: General English, Cambridge and IELTS test preparation,
ESP, Young learners, Task-based learning, CLIL and other programmes.
I hold a certificate in teaching Young learners from International house
and I specialize in teaching children, teenagers and young adults.
The majority of my students have been teenagers or young adults
and I have developed a great ability to build trust and motivation
with students of this age group.
I employ the communicative approach to language teaching and have
the ability to produce high-quality student-centered lessons.
However, I also incorporate elements of other methodologies to enhance
student learning and deal with specific issues individual students may face,
based on their needs and learning styles.
Throughout my career, through constant praxis, I have developed a variety
of materials and activities to ensure learning is as engaging,
effective and enjoyable as possible for learners.
I am a conscientious teacher who enjoys working with others as part of a team
but I can also be relied upon to work independently.
In addition to having successfully taught thousands of students of
all types in a wide variety of settings I also have experience: designing and
conducting placement and progress tests, curriculum creation and
development and delivering training to new teachers.
I am a creative, determined and dedicated teacher who always tries
to go the extra mile in order to help learners achieve their goals.
I have a proven track record of successfully helping teenagers and
young adults to improve their English, critical thinking skills and confidence,
in a variety of settings around the world.
I am currently looking for a new challenge and feel
I have all the experience, skills and qualities to excel in this role.

Hobby, Specialty
I am 'Thoroughbred' English,
I was born and raised in England; my native language is English.
My primary hobbies include travel, reading, journalism and sailing.
I have spent the last 20 years working across numerous countries including
Saudi Arabia, Dubai, South Africa, Australia and
more recently Hong Kong and Singapore.
Subsequently, I have a wealth of knowledge and experience dealing with a
multitude of cultures and nationalities and languages.
I have a degree in English and journalism, hence my love of reading and
I also have a TEFL certification.
I am presently based in Thailand, so very similar time zone to Japan.
I am quite happy to educate in the evenings during the week and at weekends.
I have been teaching English online for approximately 10 years, thanks to
being stuck in hotel rooms all over the world because of my job.
Instruction style
 My style is relaxed and friendly, informative and fun but always professional;
I am quite happy to help with basic pronunciation or prepare you for an exam.
I am quite happy to use either Skype or Zoom.
I am presently based in Thailand, so very similar time zone to Japan.
Elon Musk recently said that education should be like a computer game or an app
such as Tik Tok, as people are happy to play home computer games or
iPhones all day long.
Education can be a healthy addiction if it is a fun experience.
Elon also said "I hate when people confuse education with intelligence,
you can have a bachelor's degree and still be an idiot."

CODE: UK Asia 221011
Instruction style
I conduct my classes in a light-hearted and enjoyable,
yet focused style to captivate, grip, and inspire my students in order
to improve their confidence and future prospects with English.
If my students are successful - I'm successful.
I provide and display an abundance of instructional experience
encompassing business English,
and a plethora of subjects and academic levels throughout nineteen years
in Thailand (offline & online).
I have over five years online English teaching experience with a Korean company.

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