Online English Instructor's Guide

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Online English Instructor's Guide 1/2

1) Prepare the JST(Japan Standard Time) clock on your desk
or PC desk-top.

2) Keep E-mail and Skype "ON" when your PC is ON,

3) Check your E-mail and Skype message every day when you
have students.

4) Please allow the student to record the lesson if the student.
But you can deny the recording, the copyright belongs to you.

5) Trial Lesson fee is 11 USD for 25 minutes
and is paid by CENA to your PayPal account.
(PayPal paying charge is involved on your side)

6) Trial Lesson= Self introduction each other, also you can talk
about everything with him or her, and guage the student's level.
During the trial lesson, you can get promise from the student
the next lesson as the regular student.
You can also make schedule for a Regular lesson with that student.

7) But please do not proceed to the next lesson, the student has
not paied anything at this moment,
we do not know the student is committed or not.

8) CENA informs you when you can have the next lesson...
after the student enroll as a regular student of CENA.

9) Regular Lesson fee is 22 USD= 50 minutes lesson.
the lesson fee is yours except PayPal charge almost 4%.

10) The lesson fee is remitted to your PayPal account from
the student directly.
The fee will be deposited 30 minutes after "each" lesson.

11) If you do not receive payment, inform

12) CEMA will pays your loss, but stop the next lesson with
the student.
CENA will negotiate with the student.

13) This loss payment is only once for each student.

14) Japan does not have Daylight Saving time.
Please aware of 1 hour adjustment in March and November.

15) In most cases the next lesson will be scheduled with the
student at the end of each lesson.

Online English Instructor's Guide 2/2

1) CENA is introducing an agent, not a school. CENA introduces
Japanese student to US /UK professional and certified teachers.

2) After introduction, the educating the student will depend on
your thought and method.

3) CENA can recommend the textbooks. You can make the lesson easy
according to the book.
But many of CENA students have not want to buy and use these

4) Most of students are middle-aged business men or ladies.

5) Many students have an idea of what English they would like
to learn.

6) And adjust your teaching style to each student.

7) CENA’s job is to screen Japanese students whether they are
serious candidates for learning English.

8) All most of 90% comings are rejected. Only possible people can
be introduced to teachers. That is our job!

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